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Embedded Systems & Robotics: Level III - Advanced Microcontrollers

In the future almost all electronic products will include microprocessors in their design. Utilization of microprocessors / microcontrollers in a hardware design augments the design's capabilities while simplifying the design's implementation. Due to this it is important that students of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or in any other undergraduate course must have Knowledge of microcontrollers. However most of the times it is difficult, for universities and colleges to provide an adequate microcontroller lab due to limited lab space and budget restrictions.

This course is ideal for the student, engineer, technician, and hobbyist. The course will help Embedded systems engineers working in industry, technicians, electronic hobbyists, undergraduate and graduate students developing embedded systems projects who have knowledge of the basic principles of PIC microcontrollers and want to develop more advanced applications. It will boom the confidence of students in developing applications based on interfacing AVR, ARM and other microcontrollers with different devices. Students will have hands on programming in Embedded C. They will also develop a good understanding how Electronic systems are controlled.


Unit 1:
 Introduction: World of Microcontrollers
Unit 2: 
PIC Microcontrollers
Unit 3: 
Instruction set for PIC18FXXX
Unit 4: 
PIC Microcontrollers I/O Pins
Unit 5: 
PIC Diagram in C
Unit 6: 
PIC18 Serial Port Programming
Unit 7:
 Interrupt Programming
Unit 8: 
Interfacing LCD Using PIC18


Unit 1: Module Embedded Linux

Unit 1:Basics of Operating systems
Unit 2:Embedded C

Unit 1:Introduction yo ARM
Unit 2: Types of ARM