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Character Verification Report system

Generating a Character Verification Report (CVR) was never this easy with the launch of our high-utility product called the CVR web-app, dedicated to resolving the specific pain point of the police divisions across the country. This one-of-a-kind web-app is bent on exclusively serve the law enforcement bodies and is aimed at attaining considerable convenience for the general public as well. The idea behind this app is to simplify the procedures and make the otherwise laborious process swift, smart and easy. Issuing a CVR certificate shall no longer be a hassle as one can do all the requisites online, thus, reducing the time, effort, money and manpower involved to a great extent.

ACSG Corp. has successfully risen above all the challenges and hurdles that come in the way of a rather complex job of putting together complete software. The app allows for adequate segregation of departments by generating unique email accounts for a particular division. It also gives an added advantage by indicating due notification in case of a second account created within the same department which leaves extremely minimal chances of a possible slip in the future. Its other benefits include:
  1. 1. Automated File Generation- A single file number is allotted for all entries made together at a particular time.
  2. 2. Transfer of Cases- Cases can be transferred effortlessly amongst the district level officers to the concerned police departments under the corresponding jurisdiction.
  3. 3. Electronically Signed Reports- Accommodating the limitations of the process, specific electronically signed reports are generated so as to diminish the chances of any potential forgery.
  4. 4. Time-Efficient- It makes the task quite simple to handle & deliver and much more time-efficient as compared to earlier
Since the move towards digitization is rather abrupt, a reasonable three month period is allotted initially for a practical institution of the automated system. Thus, both the online and offline features of the CVR shall remain valid for convenience sake.