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Storing any personal information is essentially unsafe and by recording it, there is a danger that you might lose it. It is therefore critical to ensure that you are looking after it in a safe and secure manner. Using appropriate encryption can be a simple and effective means to protect personal data.We are the leader in data security solutions. Encryption software uses a complex series of mathematical algorithms to protect and encrypt information. This hides the underlying data and prevents any inadvertent access to, or unauthorized disclosure of, the information.Our indigenous encryption software identifies, encrypts, controls and audits access to sensitive and regulated data on-premises and in cloud file sharing and collaboration systems. Our solution is unique in preventing privileged IT administrators and outside attackers that target IT-level access from accessing sensitive information. Our proprietary products are easy to deploy and manage, and scalable to meet the needs of large enterprises.

We take immense pride in establishing long-lasting technology partnerships so that we are able to offer our clients the most cutting-edge resources and tools – like ACSG’s suite of data encryption software – to create and implement comprehensive solutions that meet specific needs. Our encryption software provides advanced data encryption and file encryption for desktops, laptops, and removable storage devices. It offers scalable and enterprise-wide security that thwarts unsanctioned admittance by employing resilient access control and potent encryption.We were founded by IT security experts with deep experience in building successful security technology companies.

Key Features:

• Encrypt files using the best and the most proven cryptographic algorithms.
• Fast and simple, with one-click encryption and decryption.
• Encrypt single files as well as multiple files in a folder.
• Built-in powerful predictive Compression. Compression strengthens cryptographic security
• Shred files in such a way that it is beyond recovery.
• Supports all Windows® versions.
• Full Integration with Microsoft® Windows Explorer.
• Stores encryption date, file creation date, user information and system information into database.