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Modern operating systems allow you to use a system of accounts and passwords to limit access to data on a computer. This may be useful when adversaries have casual passing access to your machine, but those accounts and passwords will not protect your data if your computer is stolen or seized - or if the adversaries have more than a minute or two alone with your computer. There are many ways (such as plugging your hard disk into another computer, or booting another operating system using a CD or USB key) that would allow files to be read off the disk.

The theft or seizure threats can be mitigated by encrypting the data on the disk.

Our programme is designed to ensure that all your private information is secure and accessible only to authorized personnel.

Comprehensive data protection for endpoint hard drive

  • Protects from unauthorized access when laptops are lost or stolen
  • Highest security certifications for compliance - FIPS, Common Criteria, BITS
  • Comprehensive platform support - including Microsoft Windows Windows and Apple Mac OS X

ACSG's HDD Encryption is a powerful Hard Disc Drive Encryption software which can protect, secure, encrypt your hard disc drive, virtual hard disk (VHD), USB flash files, removable drive. Any organization, from a small company to a large international firm with thousands of users in the field, can effectively protect business plans, client lists, product specifications, confidential corporate memos, stock information, and much more with our disk encryption product.