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Advertising & Marketing is now local & mobile. Your customers are always looking for products and services in their vicinity, thanks to their mobile devices. Even if location was not a constraint, you can be quite certain that a huge chunk of your target audience is trying to find you through mobile devices. With our integrated & comprehensive Mobile Marketing service, you can reach your audience on their mobile devices and we can make you visible to your customers when they are looking for you. We offer geo targeting, local marketing, SMS marketing, integration of QR codes in your offline initiatives and on-the-go marketing solutions.

We have comprehensive and customized solutions for businesses to target just the right customers via Ads through Google’s Adwords program for mobile devices. Our teams of creative designers & advertisers have expertise in creating designs made specifically for mobile devices and we cover text, display as well as video ads in our all encompassing mobile online marketing solutions.

  • Audit of mobile app and strategy for app launch
  • Identifying the target users for your mobile app
  • Analysis of your competitors
  • Finding out the common features for the top selling apps in your category
  • Effective positioning of your app in market
  • Suggestions and implementation of the best revenue model for your app
  • Creation of an efficient marketing strategy and execution for the same

Press release writing and distribution
  • Carefully designed press releases to create awareness of your app amongst your target audience
  • Optimization of press release to ensure that it is keyword heavy to improve its search engine visibility
  • Press release distribution at various popular app websites, writers and other relevant platforms

Social Media Marketing
  • Strategy for mobile app marketing on social media platforms
  • Facebook and Twitter announcements
  • Forum discussions
  • Social bookmarking of articles
  • Blog posts
  • Network with other relevant online communities like LinkedIn groups for mobile application marketing on social media