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Your brand is who you are – and more importantly, who customers think you are.In a world where social media rules, we have all become brands. Everything that we say and do on social channels ultimately tells others what we are all about. Consider social media activity the 2.0 version of nonverbal communication. Everything you Like, Share, Comment on, Pin or Retweet reflects your personality. This can be both a blessing and a curse, especially when you want to establish yourself as a leader or credible resource in a particular industry.

So, how can you be sure you are building a good personal brand?

We suggest that you look at your brand or business from an outside perspective. Pretend you are a potential customer and you’re looking for a particular product or service that your company happens to offer. The big question is: Compared to your competitors, would you buy from you or from them? Our full-service programme will enable you to understand your brand better and equip you to make it better still.

We are committed to investing the time to understand your challenges and objectives before using our experience and creativity to help you achieve your goals.One of our strengths is helping our clients grow; which could include reaching new customers or raising their profile in the media. We have a hands-on approach with all our clients. We think as marketing managers for your brand, with as keen an eye for cost savings and maximising potential as you would expect from somebody working in-house.

Our expertise covers both B2C and B2B environments in markets as diverse as technology & telecoms, fashion & retail, travel & hospitality as well as sustainability and consumer durables. We’d prefer to think we offer solutions than just a menu of services – with no job too big or too small. And because we’re passionate about the success of our clients, we’re renowned for going well beyond the call of duty.Building, and even maintaining, a strong brand requires commitment, resources and most importantly, a strong value proposition. As a first step we help you refine, or even define, your value proposition. This needs to be grounded in reality but can also contain an element of aspiration, providing it’s achievable and measureable.

Well known, however, doesn’t always mean well liked so we take great care that whilst raising awareness we also improve brand perception by persuading your customers, and the market place, to view your brand more favourably whilst also managing any difficult news sensitively.