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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. Transform your sales with the information you need to put your customers first. Our CRM gives you contextual intelligence for better, faster, and smarter decisions. With its complete customer view you'll be prepared to engage with each account, build stronger relationships, and enjoy greater sales success.

  • Relationship management
  • Sales force automation
  • Use of technology
  • Opportunity management
  • Email, Calendar, and File Management
  • Data Enrichment
  • Sales Analytics

  • Simplicity and ease of integration
  • Remote access
  • Mobile access
  • Stronger multichannel support
  • Integrated analytics
  • Campaign management
  • List management/master data management
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Lead generation and follow-up tracking