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A lot of companies and brands are becoming very sensitive about what shows up when googling their name. This is no longer an option. It has become part of every successful business model. Though the internal representation of your brand should be sorted out (staff training and awareness campaigns), Google reputation repair strategies must be implemented concurrently.

What we propose:

A strong online presence will go a long way in dealing with the problem. We believe the best defense is often a good offense.

  • We work out the problem with the source. Sometimes going on full attack can make a mess of things.
  • Publish an in-depth resource that search engines will love surrounding the keywords affected.
  • Create new social network and public profiles (if it is your name or your company?s name which is affected). Using online reputation management platforms.
  • Add a Wikipedia entry, if you qualify. But we are careful with this, since if you are under heavy attack in the media, this can be used against you.
  • Publish videos on YouTube to dominate video searches.

In some cases, suppressing or outranking all the negative search results will be close to impossible and you may want to have certain pages removed by Google. This is the extreme reputation repair and it is not easy. However, our relationship with various platforms gives us an advantage. We follow Google?s guidelines and submit your removal request and achieve good results in a matter of weeks.

Using our professional services in suppressing negative search results, you will rapidly reduce your losses and revamp your image.