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Many people are still skeptical about joining Google Plus especially businesses that have already invested significant time and money building their networks on Facebook and Twitter.  I am not saying you should give up on Twitter and Facebook, but it is always good not to put all your eggs in one basket. There are now over 500 million users on Google Plus and growing. It is also interesting to note that Google Plus active users spend about 60 minutes a day on the social platform.

What we offer for you!
  • Business Page Creation
  • Cover Image & Profile Picture
  • Following/Add to Circles
  • Join Relevant Communities
  • Sharing in Communities

Benefits of Google+ profile from us:
  • Google Plus Local pages indexed in Google Search results
  • Events help you bring followers closer to your brand
  • A product launch party, customer appreciation day, a fundraiser, all of these events have a home on Google Plus