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The right public connection is essential if you are into different kinds of marketing and advertising programs that are developed towards improving the image of your business. As it is, press release is entirely about building the right relationship to promote or advance the reputation of the company, its management as well as employees.

In addition to this, you require the best insider marketing in order to communicate your message to obtain supporters, advocates and allies in the institution and the entire community. By means of the right press exposure, you can even seek the services of people to help you in boosting the image of your company and in improving your organization’s image in the unique internet.

Why iNews?

Through iNews, we ensure optimum exposure to clients through publications in regional, national and international media. Our relationship with various media agencies allows us to put forward a client’s case effectively. Our team of professional writers, consisting of ex-journalists and freelancers, help clients prepare press releases that highlight a company’s service and product.

We provide the best press exposure which helps in the growth of any company and getting it connected to the right establishments as well as economical aid from various departments. The fact remains that press release is not simple advertising or marketing; We help make a company visible to various special events, community relations, social networking, blogging, internal relations, and other important works that are geared towards achieving the best media exposure.

True enough, there are times when launching information is seen or considered as a device that is used for boosting certain information experiences, but if you truly evaluate its significance, you will see that it will certainly increase the image of the organization and persuade many people to use the products which are being marketed.


-We develop a unique, individually tailored social media strategy for each of my clients, using an understanding of their goals for being on social media, target demographics and brand identity.

-On Twitter, we create and manage accounts for our clients, including developing and posting content, and following and interacting with other accounts, especially "influencers" and "thought leaders" in the client's field. We also track and respond to mentions of the client's name and relevant keywords and, if they have a physical location, respond to check-ins and reviews on sites like Yelp and Foursquare that get pushed to Twitter.

-If the client has video content to share, we create a YouTube account for them and use it to post videos, respond to comments, and interact with other YouTube accounts, including commenting on their content and adding their videos to the primary account's playlists.