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Simply put, Star Ratings signify and reflect the value and the potential of your business’ product and services. The higher the ratings, the more the customers will be inclined to reach out to you. It therefore becomes critical to ensure that your star ratings are high and genuinely portray the health of your product.

What we do

Our web team create a reviews and testimonials page on the site to capture the sentiment of the company’s satisfied customers. A call to action to visit the reviews page is placed at the top of each page, and the reviews are posted on the page at a consistent frequency of 2-3 reviews per day.

The results have often proved to be overwhelming. One of the company’s sites we worked with boasted over 1,000 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars. The main reviews page is the ninth most viewed page on the website, and visitors who viewed the reviews page during their visit spent an average of eight minutes interacting with the site.

Adding reviews to your site is one way we suggest increasing your site’s engagement and conversion rate. We make sure that the reviews are authentic, and we advise not to restrain from including negative reviews. In fact, people tend to trust a set of reviews containing some negative responses more than a set of perfect, five-star reviews.

In conclusion, if you are confused about seller rating, stars and reviews then look no further! We've devised a comprehensive guide which outlines what they are and how they can benefit your business. We've also done some research into the different types of third party review service providers available and which ones are the best.