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Corporate reputation repair is a sensitive area. Companies, both large and small, need to develop a strategic approach when dealing with a bad reputation online; whether it’s negative search results or being “flamed” by a blogger. Often times, even an honest effort to repair a reputation can cause an unwanted backlash of negativity in the online community which may very well prove to be as damaging or even more-so than the original situation.

It’s important for companies and individuals who have faced damaging press and incidents in the past, present, or those which have a high likelihood of being “slammed” in the future (e.g. politicians running for office, lawyers taking on a controversial case, etc.) to understand steps needed to monitor, defend, and repair their reputation. Incidentally, you will need professional support and that’s where we step in.

Our team of experts ensure that genuinely positive testimonials on your website and other Web venues can help improve conversions. Good reviews on review sites like Google Maps can help attract more people to check you out and also improve conversions.

We follow a guide for you to increase the number of testimonials available and get good reviews from clients.

-Make sure your customers are happy

We work to identify both your satisfied and unsatisfied clients. Depending on the nature of your business, we send out a satisfaction survey on your behalf or call your customers periodically.

We ask if they’ll write a testimonial or enter a review online

Once we have identified your happy customers, we ask them if they’ll write a testimonial or enter a review online for you (we keep it simple and ask for one or the other and not talk about both at the same time).

We use the testimonials, in whole or in part, on your website, in proposals, email marketing, even some social venues where you can.

Put Testimonials on pages important in the conversion process.

We don’t just put testimonials on a Testimonials page where many of your site visitors may not see them. We put one or two prominently on the important pages people typically view as they are learning about what you have to offer.

Asking For Reviews We ask some of your happy clients if they’ll enter a review online for you. We ask some of the clients who have done testimonials for you, but wait till enough time has passed after they wrote the testimonials, so we don’t risk annoying them.

Create a webpage Create a page on your website with links to your profiles on Google, Yelp, etc. If you decide to make this page public, add a note asking people to write a review.

We will be posting positive reviews about your company on various review websites, like ask.com, mouthshut.com etc. about your company’s products and services. It’s best to get reviews in a natural progression over time, so don’t ask all you clients to do this at the same time.