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Reputation matters, and if you’re not vigilant and attentive, you may end up with a big hole in your pocket and irreversible damage to your status.

While defamation, in the shape of slanderous and libelous comments, has been around for many decades, the problem has been exacerbated by the advance of the Internet as a reporting and social tool. While comments made in newspapers and even on the TV have a limited shelf life, those made on the Internet can remain on the website where they were first added as well as on other blogs and websites and even in the cache of search engines for many more years.

What we do

iReputations’ tailor-made services can help you manage or clean up your online reputation in a systematic and seamless manner. We use a variety of tactics to improve your online reputation and ensure that the positive material about you rises to the top of search-engine results.

To start with, positive comments and good SEO can be used to beat defamatory comments by consigning them to lower search engine positions. This may not be an absolute solution but it can certainly help to rebuild character and improve online branding following a defamatory attack.

  1. Building your website if you have none or optimizing an existing site.
  2. Creating social media profiles across different platforms, not just limited to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but many more.
  3. Ensuring the interaction on social accounts with a good strategy (social accounts lose strength when not used – it’s included in the Google Algorithm)
  4. Creating and maintaining a blog or multiple blogs.
  5. Posting in applicable forums using your name or company name.
  6. Joining business discussion or networking sites and interacting with a strong profile.
  7. Consider launching a campaign with loyal followers or clients (if a business) to leave good reviews for services or products rendered. Google loves reviews.

If you are facing an online defamation attack of any scale, whether small or large, these steps must, must, must be taken to get even the slightest chance of resolving the negative content. You have to fill any vacuum of favourable information about you with positive and factual information about you and your brand.