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                                                       LOST and missing articles

Developed a software named as lost and missing articles for Delhi Police.  Police has consistently been adopting new methodologies and technologies to enhance its service delivery capacity. People travelling at the places often loose or misplace their important Articles/Documents under some circumstance. It is then very difficult for them to lodge a report to reissue their documents.
So, It is required to create a web based online inventory for Lost/Missing Article/Documents so that any personnel to lodge an online report for their Lost/Missing Article/Documents and get a digitally signed copy of the report which would be helpful for them in reissuing their documents and also Police can keep record of the articles lost/missing.

WBMLADR “Web based Missing/Lost Article/Documents Report” is a web based application required to lodge the report of the public for their lost/missing article/documents and for the police to keep record of the Lost/Missing Article/Documents.

Can helps in situation like:

  • .   Security threats ​ 
  • .   Riots and online Defamation 
  • .   Piracy and online frauds
  • .   Organized Crime 
  • .   Narcotics and Smuggling  
  • .   Money Laundering