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Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010, which replaces Microsoft Office 2007, offers a more refined user interface along with enhanced collaboration tools.

   What’s new?
  • Office Ribbon now appears in all Office 2010 applications including Outlook replacing traditional menu structure.
  • Office Button has been replaced with a File tab.
  • File tab takes to the Backstage View to save, print, and perform a variety of other file management tasks. 

Other New Features

  • Word

Paste Preview: Preview the appearance of content before you paste with 3 different options. 

Navigation Pane: Allows you to view the structure of your document and more easily search for content.

Insert a Screenshot: Insert another open program or window as an image.

Background Removal Tool: Choose only the part of an image you want to keep a variety of new effects and color corrections. 

  • PowerPoint 2010

Transitions and Animations: Transitions control the appearance of each slide as a whole whereas animations control the appearance of content in a particular slide. Office 2010 now offers a variety of choices in these.

Insert a video from your computer and edit it

Insert a video from a website: Eg. YouTube

  • Excel 2010

Sparklines: Clear and compact visual representation of data through small charts within worksheet cells

Slicers: Use to filter the data in pivot tables

  • Outlook 2010

Ignore: Helps ignore unnecessary emails and cleans up outlook

Quick Steps: Do multiple things at a time.

People Pane: Easily view email, meetings, and other data about a particular person.

Calendar preview in meeting requests: Easily lets you know whether or not the proposed meeting time conflicts with other items on your calendar that particular day.

Delete email addresses showing up while using AutoComplete: Typing someone’s name or email address in the “To” field only to see some email addresses that are no longer relevant?

  • MS Access 2010
  • MS One Note
  • MS Project 2010
  • General Features of Office 2010