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"While mobile encryption software may not solve every potential problem and threat, protecting your mobile device is an important first step to take when using a Smartphone to store any confidential information. ACSG Corp’s Encryption software adds an impregnable layer of security for your phone that can help protect you against identity theft and other hacking attempts. It starts by allowing you to select a secure password. The mobile encryption software will protect all your private documents and data. But perhaps even more helpful are the security measures, such as the virus scanning.

Each website and app you download will be scanned for any potential threats. Should any problems be found, you will be alerted. Also, the phone is regularly checked for any potential problems and you’ll have the option to start a manual scan, should you feel your phone has been compromised. In addition to the basic security options, the mobile encryption software has many other useful options. For example, should your phone be lost or stolen, you can see exactly where it is on a map. If the battery dies, the last known location will be displayed. If you simply left your phone at work or somewhere else, you can go and retrieve it. However, if it has been stolen, rather than have all your data compromised, you will be able to remotely wipe all your data with the cell phone encryption software. If you have any private information that is stored on your phone, the mobile encryption software is absolutely necessary to protect yourself.

We are known and trusted by private and public individuals and organizations that recognize the very real threats inherent in voice and data communications. We are a recognized leading international provider of comprehensive end-to-end IT and cellular encryption solutions. ACSG employs over 25 highly experienced specialists, including security software developers, tactical mathematicians, and trained analyzers in the field of strategic encryption. Our proprietary products are constantly certified by independent tests.