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The world of mobile device forensics is a complicated one. Unlike the PC world’s limited number of major operating system vendors, there are countless manufacturers of mobile devices. To complicate things further, each mobile device manufacturer may have his own proprietary technology and formats. Add to this the blistering pace at which new mobile devices such as cellular phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are released, and you have a challenging environment to work in.

ACSG (Homeland Security) specializes in extraction, analysis and presentation of data from mobile telephones.

Our proprietary mobile forensic investigation includes possible full data retrieval, dependent upon the cell phone or PDA model. It is not just an extraction tool, but uses data aggregation to identify linked exhibits that detail criminal connections. Its features include:

  • .   The ability to convert/clean data into a common format
  • .   Aggregation of data from many different sources
  • .   The ability to cross reference calls, text and address books
  • .   Allows data to be searched and queried
  • .   Reveals links,associations and relationships within data
  • .   The ability to ignore common and/or legitimate numbers
  • .   Enables statistical analysis of data and automation of result reports
              Some of the kinds of data that may be retrieved and examined during a cell phone forensic investigation.

  • .   Call times; dialled and received calls, and call durations
  • .   Text messages or SMS messages
  • .   Contact names & phone numbers
  • .   Address book entries; residential addresses and email addresses
  • .   Photos & graphics
  • .   Videos