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                                                         Online criminal dossier system

Criminal Dossier System is a web based application, which performs digitization of criminal data (features, photographs, physical appearance etc) and provide centralized system for storing all the cases (under the jurisdiction of law of land, their respective accused. History of past criminal along with their all specific and bio features. This app is useful for efficient and fast working in comparison to the manual record of the criminal history which is only available at a single site instead of which the web based Criminal Dossier System can be accessed from any site helping in quick responding.

This is specially designed to save all the record of each criminal in order to match the identities of criminal and to associate them with their respective crimes. This system holds records of record. It holds physical appearance information of each criminal as well and updates the information.

Parameters Involved and Recorded

  • .   Personal details of the Criminals
  • .   Photographs of the Criminals
  • .   Physical Features
  • .   Details of the Criminal’s Family Members
  • .   Details of the Criminal’s close Relatives
  • .   Details of the Criminal’s Friends
  • .   Criminal’s Sureties
  • .   Details of the Criminal’s Associates
  • .   Modus Operandi of the Criminal
  • .   Records of the Person who can help in Tracing the Accused and the Place where Accused could be Traced whenever Wanted
  • .   Details Of Criminals History And Their Gang
  • .   Details of the Advocates of the Criminals
  • .   Previous Cases and Involvements of criminals