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                                                    POLICE clearance certificate

Acsg corp. an elite homeland security firm basically works for the pain point of government and law enforcement bodies. Today’s world is focused on modernization and digitization. Acsg corp. developed software named as PCC (police clearance certificate) for Delhi Police. Police has consistently been adopting new methodologies and technologies to enhance its service delivery capacity. Therefore, it is required to develop a web based application for issuing the PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) online.

The main purpose of this web based application is to let people apply for PCC online and for Police to issue the PCC online, so that public grievances can be reduced and delivery capability of the Police can be increased.

Can helps in situation like:

  • .   To reduce the time delay
  • .   Reduce the bribery
  • .   Process digitization 
  • .   Piracy of certificates
  • .   Organised process
  • .   Transparency in the work of police.

Some key Advantages are:

  • .  No need to go to the police station for filling up form for Police Clearance Certificate.
  • .  Online Application saves time and money and reduces Public grievances.
  • .  User Friendly application with an easy to use GUI for convenience.
  • .  Digitally Signed copy of the certificate of the PCC will be provided to User which will be valid anywhere in the jurisdiction of that state police.
  • .   Transparency in the work of Police with online payment.
  • .   Minimize the cases of bribery demanded for issuing PCC.
  • .   Fast and Reliable application.