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Securing SCADA systems is nearly impossible. Internet connectivity continues to permeate into traditional closed, proprietary systems that employ many types of devices, from different manufacturers. These devices may be located in insecure locations. Now reachable online, the devices are susceptible to vulnerabilities and attacks. Some systems may even be considered 'unscannable' because of their critical operational function.

ACSG ôs integrated approach to security and risk offers unparalleled visibility into the security posture of corporate and SCADA infrastructures.Experienced SCADA security consultants assess and analyze the vulnerabilities of your SCADA systems. Then, gap assessment and remediation work can be performed, including the deployment of industry-leading preemptive security technologies that can protect your SCADA networks. Our SCADA security solution has been designed to meet cyber security needs without adversely impacting performance and availability as cited by objective third party.

ACSG (Homeland Security) has proper understanding of the potential risks in SCADA Systems. Our experts identify vulnerabilities and implement cyber security solutions ensuring that the system will not be compromised.