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Technical sales’ real world training for real improvement!!!

Technical Sales engineering is usually a hybrid of gross sales and engineering in which exists in commercial and commercial market segments. Buying decisions within these markets are designed differently than those in many consumer contexts, staying based more with technical information as well as rational analysis as well as less on style, fashion, or behavioral instinct. Therefore, selling in these kinds of markets cannot depend on consumer-type sales techniques alone, and instead it relies heavily with technical information as well as problem-solving to convince buyers which they should buy the seller's products, in order to meet up with a business have to have (that is, to meet up with a business case). A sales electrical engineer is thus equally "a salesperson that understands which enables it to apply engineering" as well as "an engineer that understands the way to sell engineered systems". 


  • Unit 1: Overview of Sales Process
  • Unit 2: The RFP Process
  • Unit 3: Sales Training
  • Unit 4: Specific Skills Training 
  • Unit 5: Selling with Partners
  • Unit 6: Competitive tactic
  • Unit 1: Why Technical Sales
  • Unit 2: Technical Sales 
  • Unit 3: Handling Technical Sales 
  • Unit 4: Selling Technical equipment and services
  • Unit 5: Mastering Technical Sales
  • Unit 6: Specific Issues of Technical Sales
  • Unit 7: Technical Sales and Services 
  • Unit 8: Technical Sales Examples and Cases