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The network is the most vulnerable point of attack and therefore requires immediate attention in an inter-connected control system, and ACSG Corp ôs Unidirectional Gateways ensure optimum security for networks across user verticals in a more reliable and effective way than other technologies, such as two-way conventional firewalls and solutions offered by competing vendors.

Security solutions offer effective protections for safety-critical and reliability-critical networks. The protection of key assets and infrastructure, reduction of downtime, limited security budgets, and ultimate protection of the larger society are growing necessities for every control system operator. ACSG Corp ôs software addresses these challenges with its hardware-enforced Unidirectional Security Gateway offering.

Our Unidirectional Gateways work by creating exact real-time copies of servers which end users can access on their management networks, while preventing the transmission of any information or attacks from those management networks back into the control network hosting the servers.

Key features
  • Reliable real-time one-way data transfer
  • Evaluation by the most stringent certification bodies.
  • Provides confidentiality for classified networks and systems; integrity and availability for Industrial Control Systems